What is Lime Render? Lime render is a form of lime mortar that, instead of being used for pointing or bedding masonry, is spread on external walls to create a natural, breathable outer layer. And because of its natural properties, lime render has been used to externally protect buildings for thousands of years.   A combination of traditional lime, blended sands and aggregates, lime render is made by simply mixing the dry ingredients together with clean water to a usable consistency.   The render is 100% natural, breathable and sustainable, making it an eco-friendly building product. It does not contain anything artificial — no additives or plasticisers and, importantly, no cement. Being a natural product, lime render is sympathetic to the underlying structure — unlike cement which is non-breathable, and will damage the underlying structure. This ability of lime render to breathe helps to avoid potential issues from issues such as damp.   The Main Benefit of Lime Render is Breathability Lime render’s breathability means that moisture does not get trapped between it and the structure — unlike modern sand and cement render, which is frequently used today. Another benefit is that the application of lime render disguises poorly built […] read more