Fake plants are not a recent invention. Most of you won’t be surprised to learn that China produces the majority of the world’s artificial plants. According to historians, China is where it all began with the discovery of harvesting silk from silkworms. Because silkworm rearing was developed more than three thousand years ago to provide the softest, most luxurious silks, the silk-making process was much more comprehensive at the outset than it is today for a variety of reasons.  What you may not know, and what many people are surprised to learn, is that silkworms are completely reliant on humans for everything from reproduction to survival. In reality, they will not be able to live in the natural world without the assistance of humans, from rearing to feeding. Silk was once produced, woven into high-end clothing, and used medicinally. Silk was first used to create artificial flowers in China around 1,500 years ago. Such better satisfaction was not appreciated by the masses. Early on, the ladies of the Imperial Palace ordered silk flowers to be worn in their hair. As trade routes to Japan and Korea opened, the pattern spread to the wealthy outside the palace, and it gained prominence in […] read more