Plants give the interior a luxurious look. Place flowers in a vase or decorate a corner with a green pot, it will complement the decor of your house perfectly. However, in most cases, plants require a lot of maintenance, in addition to that, not all of you are born with a green thumb. If you want to add a little botanical aesthetic to your space but do not have enough time for gardening, invest in artificial plants. Here are some ideas for arranging artificial plants to liven up your living space. Here are 5 ideas on how to decorate your home with beautiful artificial plants. You can use an artificial bamboo plant or any such artificial plant to decorate the corners of your house. Imagine having a corner that you can adorn with your favorite plants! It will add a vibrant charm to your space and would help you revamp the home decor aesthetics. Not only this, but you can also place artificial flowers and plants in the corners of your bathroom. The idea is to create a creative plant corner in your living room, master bedroom, or even your bathroom. If you have a balcony, then using artificial hanging […] read more