As the third-largest city in Australia, Melbourne is home to a vast range of content producers. As a result, there are many ways for you to approach your content strategy in Melbourne, depending on what your goals and motivations are. Here are four of them: The first content strategy in Melbourne is about more than just producing content. It’s about incorporating an interactive element into it that continues reading. An excellent example of this is using hashtags. Hashes are short words or phrases that you use on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks representing the topics you want people to know about. You might find that a simple post with a couple of hashtags will get a lot of attention. However, the key is to use this as a jumping-off point to tell a more engaging story. In other words, don’t make your content strategy about producing and posting links to articles. If you can tell a more compelling story, you’ll be able to continue reading and engaging with the participants in a more interactive way.   Another tactic for creating an interactive storytelling element in your content strategy is using the hash mark. Try using hash marks in place […] read more