There are many important Instagram tips that will take your Instagram work even further. We share 6 Instagram secrets that will help your brand a lot to grow at this robust social media marketing platform. 1.  Add spaces and paragraphs to Instagram captions As a result of an update to Instagram in May of last year, the old methods we used to add spaces and paragraphs in caption are no longer working. Because Instagram removed the functions of adding spaces and paragraphs to capitons. But there are other ways to leave spaces in your captions! It is possible to add space and paragraph heading between your captions. But it will not be completely hollow as before. But you can still make your captions more organized using this method. To leave a space between your comments, all you have to do is repeat a serial character along the line you will use as a space. 2.  Pin your Instagram content to Pinterest Did you know you can pin your Instagram content directly on Pinterest? With this method, you can both attract better traffic to your Instagram content and expand your Instagram followers by attracting viewers from two different platforms. To share […] read more