In the crypto world, Non-fungible tokens have been building a head of steam. Recent days, we have seen the rise of NFT, and its specialized feature has gained an audience across the world. NFT’s spikes in the marketplace invoke many entrepreneurs and startups to start their own nft marketplace like rarible, opensea and reap the benefits of nft. The million-dollar question that arises in everyone’s mind will be why don’t we start a nft marketplace like rarible, opensea? Now, Is it the right time to launch a nft marketplace, how can I get started? Before we get into it, we should know about the NFT & NFT Marketplace? NFT is a non-fungible token which has a unique value unlike fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies, ICO tokens, etc.  The value of a non-fungible token is not shared with another token. And mainly, NFT can be in any other format like art, videos, podcast, songs, games, accessories, etc.. NFT tokens are highly secured because they are created on an ethereum blockchain based  on ERC721 standard. NFT Marketplace is the place where all the non-fungible tokens are listed for sales. It works similarly to the cryptocurrency listing, and crypto exchange business. It was the […] read more