Pride Mobility Scooters in Florida, for example, offers varied recommendations. Many mobility scooter maintenance advices, on the other hand, are universal. For example, it is widely accepted that you should change your battery every couple of years. The majority of mobility scooters use lead-acid batteries, which are infamous for losing their charge over time. Rather than waiting until the battery fails to work one day, it is preferable to be proactive. We’ll go over a few points for maintaining your mobility scooter and power wheelchair in top shape. Maintain the health of your batteries As an expert in Jazzy Scooter in Florida, the majority of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs operate on a 24-volt system, necessitating two 12-volt lead-acid batteries. Some lightweight mobility scooters and folding electric wheelchairs are equipped with Lithium batteries, which last far longer and require less maintenance than Lead Acid batteries. The best way to ensure that your batteries last as long as possible is never to let your battery meter enter the red zone. Regardless of how long you utilized your mobility equipment, it’s best to charge your batteries afterward.  Maintain the cleanliness of your product. You may avoid foreign objects getting stuck in areas […] read more