Weight pull is a brilliant game for Pit Bulls to show their physical and mental strength. Before you get involved you ought to ensure you know where to go, what hardware you will require and the preparation in question. We should begin with Weight Pull Organizations Two laid out associations that hold weight pull occasions are the United Kennel Club and the International Weight Pull Association. The two associations offer quality occasions and have the experience to set up pleasant pulls with great turn outs. The IWPA is a weight pull explicit association and is generally famous among canine proprietors who are engaged with weight pull. The sorts of pulls you will experience are: 1. Track pulls. These pulls utilize a track and wheel framework. This is where you will see monstrous measures of weight being pulled. 2. Truck pull. These pulls utilize a wheeled truck and keeping in mind that the loads are lower than track pulls they are still very noteworthy. 3. Sled pulls. The most troublesome of the pulls are sled pulls. These pulls are hung on soil or snow and utilize a sled to hold the loads. The UKC and IWPA for the most part use […] read more