Blog Introduction: Are you ready to take your sporting game to the next level? At First Ever Custom we are passionate about sports and bringing you the ultimate customised experience. Whether you’re looking for team uniforms, hoodies, or apparel for any sport or activity, we have everything you need. As an official provider to the NBL, our sports gear is of professional quality. With our online designer, it’s easy to design custom sports uniforms for basketball, soccer, esports and more – whatever looks best on the court is up to you! 

Custom Basketball Uniforms 

Our custom basketball uniforms make it easy to customise your own team apparel. You can choose from a range of styles and colours that will make your team stand out on the court. From simple singlets and shorts to warm-up hoodies and jackets, we have all the gear you need for a great game. We use high-quality materials so that our clothing is durable and comfortable during long games. You can even add names and numbers directly onto your uniform – no more having to worry about printing them yourself! And if you’re looking for something special, we also offer custom embroidery services so that you can get an exclusive look for your team. 

Performance Gear 

We understand how important performance is when it comes to playing sports. That’s why we only use top-notch fabrics in our clothing – they are breathable, lightweight and designed to keep you cool when things heat up on the court! Our performance gear also features moisture-wicking technology which helps draw sweat away from your body during intense physical activities. In addition, our fabric has 4-way stretch capabilities which gives athletes unrestricted movement while still providing support and comfort throughout their game. This ensures that players stay focused on their performance rather than worrying about their clothes!  


At First Ever Custom we’re here to help take your sporting game to the next level with our range of customisable apparel designed for Australian teams of all types. We provide quality performance gear that will keep players comfortable as they strive for victory on the court. With our online designer making it easy to create custom basketball uniforms tailored just for your team, what are you waiting for? Get started now at!